The Baglamas, Baglamá or Bağlama: the Greek instrument that crosses borders

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Where does the word 
“baglamas” or 
“baglamá” come from ?

Currently, the guitar is confused with two terms: the saz and the word baglamas itself . Some say it is called saz, others like the etymology by which you found us

This is because people, aware of the history surrounding the baglamas, know the importance of the reign of the Persian Empire, which coincided with that of the Ottoman Empire. Even so, it was the latter who finally won the battle to illegally seize the rights to this guitar, who did not belong to them, above the Persian empire. The explanation for this is very simple:

The Ottoman Empire did not lack a powerful element, which the Persian Empire did lack, and which it missed: military troops. It is not that it lacked military troops as such, but that they did not behave as such. They weren’t prepared enough

The echoes of the instruments reached current Iranian territory and surrounding areas, and they, with the same eagerness that the Ottoman reign had, decided to give the guitar a proper name and call it as saz (said in Arabic as ساز) a word that means to undertake , execute, produce, meanings related to any type of musical instrument that we refer to

On the other hand, the term baglamas comes from the Turkish word bağlamak , which means union, linked or attached. From the ancestors, every Turkish person knows about the ancestors that surrounded the instrument, from what idea it was procreated, for what purpose it was used, and that is the reason why they decided to put a stamp on it that represented the bond and the harmony of the society

Decades ago, nobody agreed: Many said that it made no sense to relate it to the Persian empire because they were not the ones who had the idea of ​​procreating it. They only played an important role when it came to spreading it and making it known in the neighboring territories of Iranian territory.

However, the Persian Empire was born many before the Ottoman Empire and for this reason it is believed that they were the ones who copied the Persian Empire. A total mess. Far from being extinguished, these two words are here to stay and, today, to differentiate models of baglamas, with the own gifts of each neighboring country of Turkey and Greece, both words are used

An example is the Greek baglamas, the Azerbaijani saz or the Turkish baglamas: The “Greek baglamas” is the smallest of all, the “Azerbaijani saz” does not have frets on the fingerboard and the “Turkish baglamas” has a more resonance box. bigger than greek

Although some models and another were differentiated with these two terms, had larger or smaller resonance boxes, or longer or shorter tuning forks, at present both the term saz and baglamas are used to refer to the instrument, whatever the particularities that present

In the end, there is no need to weigh scales, just thank the two reigns, one for having the idea and the other for spreading the idea. Both played an important role and the true objective was achieved: that this particular guitar would reach the present day, right?

How has the instrument reached our days?

The first glimpses of the instrument are located back in 200-300 BC Alexander the Great, in his quest to conquer territories, caught his attention one of the forms that presented the structure of some of the most exclusive buildings of the time: a kind of wall like a tiny pear-shaped shell, of moderate size and referred to as a frieze

Well, actually it is not that it was seen at this time, because in these times there were no instruments as such, what we are going to do is that it was at this stage that the idea of ​​what was later to be one of the musical instruments was born. Greece standards. Years later, it was when this architectural piece considered unique was seized and it began to be used as we know the spiritual ball, on which rituals are made

Well, that’s how this kind of curved mold began to be used. Alejandro and many of his subjects had seen that many of the times they looked at that piece of architecture, good, positive things happened to them, with a good vibe. That is why they grabbed him and behaved towards him as if it were a treasure. Something similar happened with the pillars used in some of the most important Greek palaces: Magno also had it among his pupils

Subsequent times, with the end of the era of Alexander the Great, there were different war episodes and territorial conflict in which the Ottoman Empire took on a special role, whose hegemony with each passing century was increasing because yes, this empire had an echo since century XIII until the XX century (1299-1923), during almost the same time that the Arabs occupied the peninsula: 700 years!

Why do we talk about this empire? Because they were the participants in giving birth to the musical instrument that we know today. The supreme ones of the Ottoman Empire managed to take over the most important events that occurred throughout history in Greece, a territory very close to them. Among them, the sculptures, the pillars and the style of architecture they used stood out, among which the friezes (the mold that we mentioned at the beginning) stood out.

After the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, what today we know as the beautiful turquoise city Istanbul, the leaders of the empire adopted in their culture all those symbols of the different territories they conquered, because by the year they conquered Constantinople they already occupied current territories such as Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Greece, part of Saudi Arabia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.

Among all these symbols, of course, the Greeks could not be missing as one of the best preserved and most highly regarded on the entire continent. It was then that the Ottoman Empire began to be endowed with details that distinguished it from the rest of the existing territories on the planet. In that eagerness to distinguish themselves from the rest, the ambition they had, the idea arose of creating a kind of requinto with a tiny resonance box , an elongated fingerboard , which was capable of being carried by anyone, no matter how old they were.

And how did the idea come about? As in their idea the supreme of Constantinople devised, for their things, seeing the cornice and the architectural pillars. If at first it was used as a kind of ritual, as a symbol of good luck and also as the ideal key that every person should make to pay a good tribute, centuries later its function was going to be totally different and, not only that, it was going to adopt a characteristic shape: that of the guitar

So much so, that they even gave the guitar its own name despite being devised by purely Greek symbols: it was called komuz, “kom” for small and “uz” for manageable. At no time did the etymological meaning include any denotation referring to the instrument. They did not want the existence of this instrument to be known outside of Ottoman territory as they had a certain fear of suffering reprisals from sympathizers of Greek culture

This model, predecessor of the baglamas, had a body made of leather, with solid grips around it and small ropes used at the time to hold some important weapons or accessories. The fingerboard had a small, narrow and elongated board so that it could be strummed and given a certain connotation. Due to its structure, it was not well received by society and it was decided to change the flimsy body of the vihuela for a more solid, firmer, resistant and safe: wood.

This model was called Cögur or Kopuz and, by many, it is considered the predecessor just before the definitive guitar with a tiny soundboard and long fingerboard was created: the baglamas. The Cögur already had some typical finishes from the Ottoman era and had a metal bridge, much more resistant than the wiring and leather used by the Komuz.

During this time, the Komuz was played every Friday of the week as a sign of kindness, to pay worship and to give thanks for each new territory conquered by the Ottoman Empire, which in the middle of the 19th century already occupied part of northeast Africa. It could only be touched by those people who played an important role in society, either because they worked directly with the bosses or were children of the sultans.

This fact generated discrepancies: The leaders, anticipating events, always thought of the idea of ​​developing an instrument of very restrained dimensions, since the komuz was slightly smaller than the baglamas. Aware that it was going to generate controversy that it could only be played by a very small part of society, they saw it as a fantastic idea, since those people who digested themselves with the instrument to a specific place, thanks to its size, could hide it after some loose garment that he was wearing, going unnoticed by most people

This was done for several decades until the fall of the Ottoman Empire, following World War I, in which they were defeated by French, English and Italian troops. It was then that what we now know as Turkey and Greece, respectively, was born. Many Greek escorts of the time, aware that their own artistic heritage had been infringed on them for decades without anyone being able to do anything against it, every time they saw people, wherever they were, with that guitar, they destroyed it

He did not want to be associated with the Turks at all. They have always had, one and the other, discrepancies. This was the case until the accession of Greece to the EU , excluding Turkey. It was from here that the embers that the police had about this fact was forgotten and both countries shared a type of baglamas, differentiated by one of them (the Turkish model of baglamas) having the shorter fingerboard than the other (the Greek model of baglamas)

Both are widely used and highly demanded by society. Aware of the history that surrounds both, they make many of these people bet on having the two models at home in harmony with peace, of what the world should always have been: harmony, union and brotherhood

Today, it is used in Greek orchestral halls to accompany the bouzouki (similar model but with a larger tuning fork and soundboard) in the rembetika , a type of Greek folk music. It is also common to see them at Turkish rock concerts

What parts is the Greek baglamas made of?

A baglama is made up of three parts that won’t sound like Chinese to you (or maybe they will, because of the nomenclatures we use 🤭):

The soundboard or “tekne” of the baglamas

Made of pure elements of nature such as mulberry or juniper wood, beech, fir, walnut or mahogany. The shape of the soundboard or tekne of a baglama adopts a silhouette similar to that of a bowl or gourd

It stands out for its minimalism and simplicity , where each of the baglamas twines end up on the musical bridge of the Greek requinto.

The soundboard or “göğüs” of the baglamas

They are made of wood or walnut or mahogany splinter without being manipulated. That is why it presents that smooth and clear tone. The cover of the resonance box, being extracted from natural elements, gives it a resistance and durability in capital time.

In the almost central area we can see the connection of each of the pairs of strings with the musical bridge, being of a more restrained size

The mast or “sap” of the baglamas

The sap or fingerboard of the baglamas is also made by an exclusive ribbon. The fingerboard sizes of this Greek vihuela are usually smaller when compared to other contemporary guitars.

Each of the frets, which can comprise between 15-20 depending on the baglama range, are attached to the sap, and in turn to the bridge and pegbox , with an organic element that you surely know: threads or fishing bristles.

This allows an easy intonation of each of the baglamá strings and an effective grip on each of the nails present in the pegbox.

The pegbox or ”burgu” of baglamas

 Also known as musical screws, depending on the baglamas model that we are dealing with, they will be made of exclusive woods such as mahogany or walnut. But there are many more … if you want to know, contact us here and we will gladly tell you

What types of baglamas can we find for sale in the market?

The only criterion that we have to take into account when classifying baglamas is the size of their mast:

Baglamás with the long mast:

  • It is the oldest baglamas that exists. It has 23 movable frets , a recessed resonance box , a common pegbox and a neck of approximately 40cm-45cm , depending on the model
  • In the market they tend to sell less than the short ones due to the discomfort that some soloists find changing from one note to another on such an elongated neck

Baglamas with short neck:

  • Similar to the previous baglamas prototype except for the number of movable frets, 19 and depending on the model, a neck length of approximately 38-43cm and a somewhat more voluminous thickness of the strings

Turkish bağlamas:

  • It is the most widely used plucked string instrument in Turkey. The Turkish baglamas has seven strings divided into 2 spaces of two strings each, and space of three twines.
  • It can be adjusted in various ways, and takes different names depending on the region and size: Bağlama, Divan Sazı, Bozuk, Çöğür, Kopuz Irızva, Cura, Tambura, etc.

The Turkish bağlamas “Cura”

The priest is the smallest guitar of the Turkish bağlama family

The Turkish bağlamas “Tambura”

One of the few guitars of the Turkish bağlamas family tuned in a lower octave, along with the next one that we will mention to you.

The Turkish bağlamas “Divan Sazi”

It is the largest instrument of the family tuned, too, in a lower and lower octave.

Azerbaijani bağlamas:

  • The Azerbaijani saz was used mainly by the Azerbaijani musical artist Ashiqs . The art of the Azerbaijani Ashiqs , considered one of the symbols that identify what Azerbaijani culture represents in the world, combines poetry, storytelling, dance and vocal and instrumental music in a traditional performing art
  • Azerbaijani baglamas are usually accompanied by a model of baglamas of their segment and origin: the Turkish köpuz baglamas
  • The repertoire of the Azerbaijani Ashiqs includes up to 200 songs , of which 150 melodies are compositions that combine literature and music, traditionally known as dastans . And this does not end here … They also have a surprising list of almost 2000 poems
  • BEWARE of this !! Since 2009, the art of the Azerbaijani Ashiqs is inscribed on the  “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”

What are the main characteristics to highlight in the baglamas?

The particulars of this guitar of Greek-Turkish origin are appealing if possible. They are as follows:

  • A baglamas has 7 pairs of strings: 2 on the left side, 2 in the center, and 3 on the right . Although some models can have 6 strings
  • Its strings are tuned in unison in DAD (Re-La-D), with the upper pair of strings and the middle one set in unison and the lower pair of strings set at a double octave.
  • Each of the strings of a baglamas, the most original and expensive on the market, is made of guts of animal origin
  • Depending on whether you have the narrowest or the largest neck, the size of your strings will vary . Therefore, the smaller baglamas, having a narrower neck, will last less time than the larger baglamas.
  • Baglamas are often played with ordinary guitar picks  or picks , referred to as mızrap or  tezen , to produce styles known as şelpe or şerpe , one of the most well-known styles of Turkish music. Many of these baglama picks are made from cherry bark or plastic

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What is a baglamas?

It is the smallest guitar of the bouzouki family characterized by having an elongated neck and a resonance box of moderate dimensions.